Many studies have found that music can help heal the soul.


Music evokes emotions that bring memories, music can shift mood, manage stress
and stimulate positive interactions with others. We're here to offer comfort through music, lift spirits, and create smiles!

A program dedicated to bringing the healing power of music and entertainment to seniors, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients,
and disabled veterans in the Western New York region.

Welcome to Music To Remember WNY



Music transfers its healing powers onto improving memory-based
interventions for the Alzheimer’s disease patient, and also provides comfort
to individuals and their families.

The music we hear heals our hearts, and for many it does so much more.
Musical memory is often spared in Alzheimer's patients and for the more than
5 million Americans currently living with Alzheimer's and dementia,
the power of music helps them recall memories and emotions.

Our mission is to help raise awareness about this widespread disease
through music, keeping our loved ones memories alive and close to our hearts.



with Robin Grandin

Episode 3
With Pat Cook!


Each episode will feature
music from one of our
Music To Remember WNY musicians!

 Pat Cook Entertainer
& vocalistis our special guest

in this episode.


Dedicated to family members & loved ones who have been touched by Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Original Song written by Robin Grandin, Dave Grandin and Charlie Kryder
performed by by Robin Grandin, Scott Martindale & Martin Schank

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